Your 1st Month for $1
$27 per month
Sick of eating the same old thing everyday? 
Take the thinking out of what and how to cook with the new "Chief Recipes" platform!

With a full breakdown of male and female ingredient portions and the calories and macro splits per serve.

The program also offers a how to cook video and downloadable PDF of every meal and snack so you don't have to keep logging in to view your favourites!

To top it off there are new recipes and snacks available every week. You'll never be stuck for what to eat again!
Chief Recipes includes:
  • How to cook video for every meal, snack and condiment
  • Balanced ingredient amounts for males & females on all meals.
  • Downloadable PDF of every meal and snack recipe!
  • New Recipes EVERY WEEK
  • How to guide - Fit the meals and snacks into your current meal plan
  • How to guide - Cook the meals and snacks for the whole family to enjoy!
  • Suggestion box - Get your favourite meals and snacks designed for you with more favourable ingredients and in the correct portions for you!
  • Calorie and macronutrient breakdown of every meal and snack - Prefer to calorie count? We've done the maths for you!
Your 1st Month for $1
$27 per month