When was the last time you did something for yourself, mama?
The program for mums that teaches you what no other program will!
Most programs designed for Mums are about dropping X amount of body weight to get back to your PRE-BABY-Body.

Reality check... You made a human and gave birth. Your body has changed for life. And what an amazing gift you have received in creating and birthing your children!


Learn to love and appreciate your body!

You don't shame your child to make them do things!


Why should you treat your body any differently?


This program is about removing the body shaming and guilt that comes with mums looking after themselves!
It's a program designed by a busy Mum, who understands that an all or nothing approach just can't work for Mums!

The 12-week Chief Mamas program helps you sprinkle manageable changes to things you're already doing in your day-to-day life, to help improve your health, sleep and energy!

The program is a very nurturing process that allows you to be part of a group of like-minded mums looking for a change!

You see, dieting typically has an all or nothing approach!
As soon as you slip, fall, bend or break from the plan you balloon out and put all of the weight back on! Right?
Well, a while back, Stacey worked out how to approach health and fitness in a new light that didn't mean you couldn't still live life without blowing out your midline and energy levels!
That's why she designed the Chief Mamas Program. 
To help Mums who had issues with:
  • Sleep
  • Low energy
  • Body shaming tendencies
  • Guilt that leads to more binge eating
  • Insecure and/or anxious
  • Lacking confidence (especially in appearance)
If the above is you, then Stacey is here to help!
See what past Chief Mamas have to say:
I no longer feel like I'm failing
""Firstly I want to say thank you so much for such an awesome program!! I haven't done many like this in the past but I really felt more committed and accountable than I have to others and I think that has a lot to do with your involvement and communication with us all.

My biggest lesson/take away from this program is "something is better than nothing". When I feel like I am putting too much pressure on myself, or feeling like I am failing, I remember that line and try to give myself a bit of a break. I also try to look at the bigger picture of where I was at the beginning of the program, compared to where I am now, and the little nuggets of knowledge I have picked up along the way. I feel like I have the tools to make life-long changes and now need to try to implement those tools to build it into my day-to-day life.

The Chief Mamas program was so much more than I could have expected in so many ways. The program not only includes healthier eating and exercise, it also focuses on aspects of your life which are core to who you are as a person such as sleep, effective hydration,  breathing techniques and removing stress from your day-to-day life. Stacey was fantastic at guiding me through the program every step and I felt more accountable and committed as a result of her involvement and regular communication. I have made life-long changes and I know I am better off for doing The Chief Mamas program. Thank you Stacey from the bottom of my heart!

I do mean it Stacey, I'm so glad I signed up and I will definitely be trying to continue to lead the Chief Mamas way."

- Georgie, Mum of 2 under 5.

There are things outside of food and exercise that can make you feel better!
"I have loved being a part of the Chief Mamas program! Stacey has given me an enormous amount of information and helpful tips as I journey my way through motherhood whilst also trying to live a healthy life.

By far my biggest takeaway from the program was recognising that there are so many other little things I can focus on, not just food and exercise, that can help me feel better within myself.

Incredibly grateful for the Chief Mamas program for giving me the kickstart & confidence I needed only a few months after having a baby. Thank you Stace <3"

- Bree, Mum to 1 under 1.
Healthy Is NOT just what the scales say 
"Thank you Stacey - the past 12 weeks have been an amazing learning experience.

Other 'challenges' I have done have purely focused on food/exercise, but you have taught us to focus on our whole selves - our mind, stress, sleep, technology habits, and lots more. It has been wonderful to have this facilitated by a fellow Mum who knows what we are all going through in our day to day lives. The group has been supportive and welcoming and is a wonderful place to interact with other Mums.

I have learned things that I will utilise in my day to day from now on to make ensure a healthy mind, body and relationship with myself."

- Gem, Mum of 2 under 5.
It's designed to work with you... Meets you where you are at! 
"The Chief Mamas program was a breath of fresh air, a supportive program that went deeper than just nutrition and movement.

This program has helped me to work towards balance in all aspects of being a healthy mum. The tools and weekly focus made it simple to slowly incorporate changes that over time have become sustainable.

The weekly chats were invaluable and so supportive! We laughed, we cried, we connected!

This is truly a beautiful program that offers so much more!! It's designed to work with you, where you are at, at any given moment as we all know life happens, especially with kids!!"

- Liss, Mum of 3 under 10.
My sleep improved and is continuing to get better!
"Two things have really stood out to me that I have been able been to change and has had an immense impact on how awesome I feel!

1. No alcohol for over 12 weeks and not being tempted even with challenging and exceptional circumstances!

2. No longer resorting to unfavourable foods when I feel down.

Also, I've really enjoyed being part of such a supportive group of Mum's with kids of all ages and women from all walks of life!

Moving has been another highlight for me. I love thinking about what I can do each day to move my body with how I'm feeling.

Breathing exercises have been extremely helpful, I use them all the time throughout my day. Free and easy to do with so much benefit!

I'm getting much better at taking "me time" and actually enjoy spending time by myself now!

And finally, my sleep has improved and continues to improv despite a sore bum (as I was knocked over by a car towards the end of the 12-weeks, bruising my tailbone!!!!)"

- Heidi, Mum of 4 grown up adult babies

This program is all run via a login portal so you can simply jump on and see the content as and when you're ready.


We want to re-iterate this is not just some other fad diet or crazy challenge!


It is a new, more holistic approach to the way you do life that helps to implement tangible tools that you can use to see and feel better for the rest of your life!

What's expected of you?

Participation! Turn up for the calls and interact! Ask questions and implement what you feel comfortable and confident with!

When does it start?

We launch a new group of mums every Monday!

We often have mums say "I'll sign up in a few weeks as I have an event on"... 

There will never be a 3 month clear run in your calendar! The time is now if you're looking to make changes! 

We'll meet you where you're at and help you to implement energy-boosting differences STRAIGHT AWAY!

Our guarantee?

We're that confident in our Chief Mamas Program that if after the 3 months you have not had a change we will refund your money (in full).

You must complete the 3 months before emailing to let us know you want a refund and why!

This is not a no questions asked type of deal.

We genuinely want the best for you and know the Chief Mamas program is the real deal and will help you achieve what you set out for. 

Chief Mamas includes:
  • What to eat to achieve your goals (2 meal plans valued at $398)
  • Our intuitive eating program so you don't always have to follow a meal plan or use the scales to measure your food amounts
  • Access to a library with over 100 meal, snack and condiment recipes!
  • Easy to implement tweaks to ensure you're getting the most out of the things you're doing day in, day out!
  • An online platform with all of the information for you to consume at your own pace and so we don't flood your already busy inbox.
  • Support to keep you accountable to the goal you set off with!
  • Weekly calls with Stacey with a new area to focus on and how to easily implement it.
  • A training program to follow
  • Access to a heap of yoga videos for you to do where ever you feel comfortable
By signing up to the Chief Mamas program you automatically go into the draw to win over $500 worth of Blūm Organics self-care pampering products, including aura mists and bath soaks!
Winner is drawn December 31st 2021 and announced Monday 3rd January 2022.
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