"Dream Body"
"Lose 20kgs"
"Drop and Give me 10"
Blah, Blah, Blah
Mums if you want real life-lasting results, stop following the "fad advice" and get around the program designed for you...
 You've gone through a hormonal shift and it needs rebalancing...
To the ladies who are doing it all.

I see you there, Mama.

Swamped down, holding your family together.

Being the backbone that has no choice but to show up daily, no matter how old your kids are.

And although it's the most rewarding thing you have ever done in your life...

Being a Mum is hard.

You'll feel more emotions in one day than you ever thought possible to feel in your entire lifetime.

You'll go from being thankful to pulling your hair out within seconds...

You'll wonder how so much love could fit into your heart...

Then be smacked in the face with a sippy cup while off in a daze.

I'm Stacey Turner.
A Mother to 2 beautiful daughters, a dietitian, an energy worker and one of the co-founders over at The Chief Life.

Prior to having kids... I just didn't get it.

I worked with so many Mums to help them regain their "pre-baby weight" that they all claimed they wanted to achieve...

But when I would give them the answers, the results wouldn't follow.

And it's because as a Mum...

Things are different.

But that's only something another mother would understand.

Something I now know and understand...

And although you might be here to witness a change on the scales...
What I am truly happy to wake up and inspire in you...
Is the belief that you're worth it Mama.

So many mums take on what I call Martyr Motherhood - putting everyone else first...

And it's typically taken to the extent of said Mum feeling energy-less, soul-less and less confident in her abilities as a woman.

I'm not here to tell you that you're a bad or incapable Mother for putting others first.

Because that's just your mother instincts shining through and you'll continue to put your family first.

What I am here to help you with though...

Is to look after yourself because you're a beautiful person worthy of love and care.

And doing so may help to heal any birth and/or past traumas you might hold.

Learn to love the lady in the mirror...
And help you to stand as the confident woman I know you can be.

So despite talking about "post-baby weight" "the number on the scales" and "the hormonal storm you're most likely stuck in right now," below...

Know that you are beautiful...

You are heard...

You are seen...

And I want to support you on the journey to believing this for yourself.

Along the way, we'll uncover some great health benefits...

But most of all will be the transformation of the way you feel, act and think about yourself.

X No more self-sabotage.
X No more only eating the kid's offcuts and leftovers for lunch.
X No more never allowing time for yourself.

We Help Busy Mums To Love Their Bodies, Feel Truly Confident And Take Control Of Their Life
To be honest you may continue to feel frustrated with your post-baby weight...
No matter how long ago it was that you had kids.

You'll stay stuck in this dystopian land of body guilt and shaming trying to claw your way out but only ever momentarily breaking free...

Because you're most likely stuck in the hormonal storm like all of the mums we work with were.

See, we've been told for years that to lose weight and gain our ideal body you just have to eat less and exercise more.

Only it's a broken system because they don't account for your body type, the output life requires of you as a Mum...

And what we know to be the two most important parts:
1. What your hormones are doing? and...
2. What your body's preferred fuel for energy is?

Fortunately for you (and the other Mums we've worked with over the years), this is what we help you to work out and transform to optimal levels in just a few short weeks.

Given that you're a Mum... And you've probably tried dieting before...

If you followed the modern way of losing weight (eating less and training more), you're most likely stuck in a hormonal storm.

Causing your hormones to make you feel lethargic, more hungry and craving food most days.

Not to mention the low-level anxiety that is constantly there due to overactive cortisol levels.

And now that your incredible body has created life...
You're rewarded with heightened hormonal states that can last for the rest of your life.

Partner this with the low-calorie dieting you've potentially tried before chasing the "pre-baby" numbers on the scales...

And it's safe to say that your body is now potentially a "sugar burner."

Causing you to have an incredible sweet tooth or be a savoury addict.
And probably the cause of your biggest "slip-ups."

When you're a sugar burner your body gets really good at using carbohydrates (sugar) for quick energy...

Given that you're in a tired state for the majority of your life (since having kids) your body does you a solid favour and stores the rest of the energy as body fat...

You know, to help you out of that tired state on a rainy day...
Only the rainy day never comes...

So your body continues to store adipose tissue (body fat)...

No matter how little you eat or how much you move.

But, know that it's not all doom and gloom.

Realistically we can snap you out of being a sugar burner in roughly 14 days (sometimes even less).

Meaning, your body will still enjoy the carbohydrates you're eating but will favour fat as the main fuel source.

Leading your body to use your own fat stores first.

And helping you to drop any excess or unwanted body fat.

Note* This is not a ketogenic or high-fat diet

Now, this will only partway help you out of the hormonal storm.

Food is only part of the equation.

This is why on Chief Mamas, nutrition is one of the main things we focus on...
But not the only one.

You'll continue to yo-yo your weight, feel energy-less and feel like this is just the way your life has to be from now on...

Unless you make the extra few small changes we help you with.

See, it also comes down to the small practices in life...

Like how well you sleep, the way you breathe, the state of your mind, etc.

Things you shouldn't have to think about...

But if you're not taking note of them... They're adding to why you feel rundown and overwhelmed right now.

The largest uncovering we will do for you is in your mind!

Without YOU being certain as to why you are constantly chasing a different weight or new look for yourself...

And then forever self-sabotaging once you start to see some progress...

You'll keep landing back at square one, Mama!

Discover What Has Held You Back From Truly Being Happy in Yourself as a Mother and Woman.
Whether your kids are full-grown adults or born within the last few months...

What I'm going to share with you will help you to unpack and achieve the following:

✔ The simple method to give you the utmost confidence in yourself when you're having an off day and don't like what you see in the mirror... all within 3 minutes

✔ The quickest and easiest workouts that'll get you looking and feeling incredible — you'll learn to love moving your body. It's not a punishment for "eating bad food" (and you never have to step foot in a gym if you don't want to)

✔ The quick and delicious meals you can make in 15 minutes or less that help fill you with energy, without any bloating or cramps — and ALL your family will love them

✔ The ability to intuitively eat without having to weigh and measure or count macronutrients ever again. Nourishing your body is a daily act that you'll be nailing without any confusion within 90 days

✔ Daily micro rituals to help shift your energy and focus. Your mindset is the key to unlocking your happiness and believe it or not... Your weight loss dreams. We'll help you discover self-love and self-worth as the powerful woman you are.

✔ Unpack meditation and find the variation that serves you. There is no failing in the forms we're going to share with you. Simply become more present, calm and at peace with life... even when your kids aren't feeling the same way... by adding in this mini practice every few days

✔ Sleep tips to make you feel more human in just one night... Even if you're not sleeping a lot, these small tweaks will make a huge difference to the quality of your sleep.

Introducing The Chief Mamas 12-Week Program For Mums
It's the program that has been transforming Australia-wide Mums' outlook on themselves as women.

You're not broken
You're not beat

You've just been pushed in the wrong direction.

And the Chief Mamas program is designed to help you feel confident in yourself and your abilities to crush life.

When I first became a mother, the transition was like being hit by a freight train.

So, I pieced together a 12-week program to help me (and the other Mums I took along for the ride) incorporate healthy practices into our ridiculously busy life as mothers.

Each week comes with a new focus to help you layer each practice - week by week - without feeling overwhelmed.

But most of all, It comes with support.

You're already the backbone of your family...

The support network I have created for you is like the support belt you've always needed to help ease the load.

Here's What You Get on The Chief Mamas Program
  • Multiple personalised nutrition programs tailored to your body's needs. Kick start your journey by having us show you what to eat, when to eat it and how to cook it. You'll learn how to fuel your body for energy. No more bloating. No more starving yourself for results. No longer stuck as a sugar burner, gaining adipose tissue. We also cater for all dietary needs.
  • ​Access to every workout you could possibly need as a busy Mum. Enjoy short or long sessions with or without the gym — you're in control. You'll grow to love these quick movement sessions. Designed to leave you with more energy than you started with. Plus an endorphin high that'll keep you bubbly for hours. We have a heap of yoga sessions and functional movement workouts (that can be done from home or as gym sessions).
  • Access to our online library of recipes. Quick and convenient meals and snacks your whole family will love. Not only will you gain access to the personalised meal plans... I'm also gifting you access to our library of 200+ recipes and snacks. You no longer have to spend hours cooking separate meals or eating bland, soul-less food. Your family will be in awe of the new recipes you bring to the table.
  • Uncover the foods that are causing you discomfort - Bloating, digestive issues, skin irritations, rashes or acne, weak hair and nails, bags under your eyes and brain fog are all signs and symptoms of inflammation from foods. During the first 90-days, we're going to discover which foods are your energy foods... versus the foods that will only be enjoyed more occasionally. There are no good or bad foods. Just foods that are more favourable for your body, more often.
  • Weekly content calls with me (Stacey Turner). Each week I'll layer some new tips and tricks for you to implement. I know you're a busy mum... So, I'm only going to share my very best content, tips and hacks to help you live a healthier happier life for a short amount of time.
  • Join an incredible online "Mums club". This vibrant online community is filled with Mums at different stages of their journey. It's a safe place to vent, make friends, and lift each other up when you need it — without any judgment.
  • Support when you need it. We understand that 'life happens'. If things don't go to plan, you can reach out to me or the community for help when you need it — meaning you never have to navigate issues alone and you'll never "fail".
  • How to intuitively eat... and a 4-point system that'll never leave you second guessing or feeling guilty again. You'll only have to weigh and measure to snap your body out of being a sugar burner... After that, we're onto understanding how to follow your body's cues for food. Enjoy nourishing your body once and for all.
  • Quick tricks to switch you into a calm state... No matter how wild life is getting around you. Keeping your cool is not an easy thing to do when your boundaries are being tested multiple times a day. I have a host of tricks to help you stay in your rest and digest system... Rather than always feeling stressed and anxious.
  • ​Plus much more...
My goal is to set you up for life.

This is the last program you'll ever need to do.

Throw away the scales and enjoy nourishing your body for the rest of your days.

If you are sick of yo-yo dieting.

Sick of listening to the unkind voice in your head.

Sick of feeling like a failure for enjoying food...

Then I suggest you get on the next cohort of Chief Mamas kicking off June 6th.

Drop the Martyr Motherhood reigns and take care of yourself guilt-free for once mama.

Don't look back on this moment in 90 days with regret or the thought of "what if".

I'm here for you...

To help and support you through your journey to finally nourish your body and learn to love the AMAZING woman you are.

... Are you here for yourself?

Here's What Other Mums Have to Say About The Program
I no longer feel like I'm failing
""Firstly I want to say thank you so much for such an awesome program!! I haven't done many like this in the past but I really felt more committed and accountable than I have to others and I think that has a lot to do with your involvement and communication with us all.

My biggest lesson/take away from this program is "something is better than nothing". When I feel like I am putting too much pressure on myself, or feeling like I am failing, I remember that line and try to give myself a bit of a break. I also try to look at the bigger picture of where I was at the beginning of the program, compared to where I am now, and the little nuggets of knowledge I have picked up along the way. I feel like I have the tools to make life-long changes and now need to try to implement those tools to build it into my day-to-day life.

The Chief Mamas program was so much more than I could have expected in so many ways. The program not only includes healthier eating and exercise, it also focuses on aspects of your life which are core to who you are as a person such as sleep, effective hydration,  breathing techniques and removing stress from your day-to-day life. Stacey was fantastic at guiding me through the program every step and I felt more accountable and committed as a result of her involvement and regular communication. I have made life-long changes and I know I am better off for doing The Chief Mamas program. Thank you Stacey from the bottom of my heart!

I do mean it Stacey, I'm so glad I signed up and I will definitely be trying to continue to lead the Chief Mamas way."

- Georgie, Mum of 2 under 5.

There are things outside of food and exercise that can make you feel better!
"I have loved being a part of the Chief Mamas program! Stacey has given me an enormous amount of information and helpful tips as I journey my way through motherhood whilst also trying to live a healthy life.

By far my biggest takeaway from the program was recognising that there are so many other little things I can focus on, not just food and exercise, that can help me feel better within myself.

Incredibly grateful for the Chief Mamas program for giving me the kickstart & confidence I needed only a few months after having a baby. Thank you Stace <3"

- Bree, Mum to 1 under 1.
Healthy Is NOT just what the scales say 
"Thank you Stacey - the past 12 weeks have been an amazing learning experience.

Other 'challenges' I have done have purely focused on food/exercise, but you have taught us to focus on our whole selves - our mind, stress, sleep, technology habits, and lots more. It has been wonderful to have this facilitated by a fellow Mum who knows what we are all going through in our day to day lives. The group has been supportive and welcoming and is a wonderful place to interact with other Mums.

I have learned things that I will utilise in my day to day from now on to make ensure a healthy mind, body and relationship with myself."

- Gem, Mum of 2 under 5.
It's designed to work with you... Meets you where you are at! 
"The Chief Mamas program was a breath of fresh air, a supportive program that went deeper than just nutrition and movement.

This program has helped me to work towards balance in all aspects of being a healthy mum. The tools and weekly focus made it simple to slowly incorporate changes that over time have become sustainable.

The weekly chats were invaluable and so supportive! We laughed, we cried, we connected!

This is truly a beautiful program that offers so much more!! It's designed to work with you, where you are at, at any given moment as we all know life happens, especially with kids!!"

- Liss, Mum of 3 under 10.
My sleep improved and is continuing to get better!
"Two things have really stood out to me that I have been able been to change and has had an immense impact on how awesome I feel!

1. No alcohol for over 12 weeks and not being tempted even with challenging and exceptional circumstances!

2. No longer resorting to unfavourable foods when I feel down.

Also, I've really enjoyed being part of such a supportive group of Mum's with kids of all ages and women from all walks of life!

Moving has been another highlight for me. I love thinking about what I can do each day to move my body with how I'm feeling.

Breathing exercises have been extremely helpful, I use them all the time throughout my day. Free and easy to do with so much benefit!

I'm getting much better at taking "me time" and actually enjoy spending time by myself now!

And finally, my sleep has improved and continues to improv despite a sore bum (as I was knocked over by a car towards the end of the 12-weeks, bruising my tailbone!!!!)"

- Heidi, Mum of 4 grown up adult babies

So what's your investment options?
Weekly instalments
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(12 instalments)
-Total Investment $804

Upfront investment
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1 Payment only.
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Save $300 by investing upfront today
Monthly Instalments 
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(3 instalments)
Total Investment $801

Our guarantee?

We're that confident in our Chief Mamas Program that if after the 3 months you have not had a change we will refund your money (in full).

You must complete the 3 months before emailing to let us know you want a refund and why!

This is not a no questions asked type of deal.

We genuinely want the best for you and know the Chief Mamas program is the real deal and will help you achieve what you set out for.